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Did you know the average office desk contains more bacteria than a toilet seat?

Hygienists from The Healthy Workplace Project in Arizona collected nearly 5,000 swabs from office buildings.  Shockingly they found that desktop surfaces were contaminated with 20,000 germs per square inch.  This is 400 times more than can be found on a toilet seat.

Top 5 most contaminated surfaces
1.    Kitchen tap handles
2.    Microwave doors
3.    Keyboards
4.    Fridge doors
5.    Telephone receivers
Other hotspots included drinks dispensers, vending machine buttons, and computer mice.
Office desks are a breeding ground for bacteria.  90% of Brits eat at their desks and it is estimated that we touch around 600 surfaces per hour whilst at work.  Common cold, flu and stomach viruses can live on office equipment surfaces for up to 3 days.