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Dirty Work: Shocking results of a UK office cleaning study

UK based workplace hygiene company Initial, part of the Rentokil-Initial Group, recently published the results of an office cleaning study.  Researchers swab tested a sample of communal kitchens in offices around the country.  The findings give us a revealing insight into the state of Britain’s hygiene habits.
•    75% of kitchen work surfaces had more bacteria than a feminine sanitary bin.
•    50% had potentially harmful levels of coliforms – bacteria found in faeces which causes gastrointestinal disease.
•    40% of kettle handles contained more germs than the average toilet door.
•    33% of fridge door handles were seriously contaminated.
•    30% of microwave doors and buttons were riddled with germs too.

The company put it down to poor hand hygiene at work:  a lack of hand washing equipment and not cleaning high-traffic areas frequently enough.