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Revealed: London’s Dirtiest Roads

In 2012, Air Pollution in London reported that up to 9% of deaths in the capital are attributable to man-made airborne particles.  The city is in serious breach of its European targets to combat pollution.

Last month, Clean Air London named the following roads as the city’s most polluted:
•    A406 (North Circular)
•    A282 (Dartford Crossing)
•    A13 (Commercial Road)

On two of its busiest streets – Oxford St and Brompton Rd, NO2 levels were 2.5 times greater than limits set by the World Health Organisation.

When it comes to litter and cleanliness, GMB union named the Boroughs of Merton, Hounslow and Bromley as having the dirtiest streets.  Those in Kensington and Chelsea were the cleanest.  Levels of cleanliness directly correlated with the amount of money councils spent on keeping them clear of litter.