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The importance of keeping your hands clean

Most of us wash our hands after using the bathroom and before preparing food.  But when you read these stats, you may wish to scrub yours a little more often.

We touch an estimated 300 objects every 30 minutes.  Many people don’t realise that some contain more bacteria than a toilet seat, including MRSA, Salmonella and E-Coli as well as common cold and flu viruses.  These include household objects that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a health hazard.  For example washing-up bowls were deemed a hygiene risk by infection experts.

Bacteria-ridden surfaces we touch every day:
1.    Money
2.    Light switches
3.    Fridge doors
4.    Computer keyboards
5.    Mobile Phones
6.    Kitchen taps
7.    Kitchen sponges/dish cloths