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Car Interior Valeting London

Car seats cleaningIf cleaning the inside of your car always falls to the bottom of your list and the local car wash is always out of order, Fresh-Up Cleaning can have the inside of your car looking showroom-fresh again.

Professional car seat cleaning

Why drive to get your car valeted when the car valet service can come to you! Our mobile service covers a wide range of options for cleaning, polishing and hoovering every centimetre of your car’s interior.

Car upholstery cleaning LondonUsed cars will look and smell like new; cars for sale will be snapped up in an instant, and leased and contract hire cars can be returned penalty-free!

Car interior steam cleaning – this service is recommended for customers who want their vehicle seats, upholstery and carpets thoroughly cleaned. The internal steam clean will remove most upholstery dirt and stains.

Full Interior Car Valet – From £45

  • Full vacuum of interior (includes mats)
  • Steam cleaned (hot water extraction)
  • Fabric seats and door upholstery
  • Cleaning the carpet
  • All plastics cleaned and polished

Prices may vary depending on the size of the vehicle.

Customers are asked to provide our cleaning teams with access to water and electricity.

For further information and a personalized quote, contact us!

  Note: Costs of parking and congestion charge are to be paid by the customer and are not included in the price